Antarctic Air Cruise

How we get there

How we get there

Discover the white continent

Antarctica is an ecological wonder that bewitches explorers, scientists and voyagers alike. Getting to know and contemplate this yet unexplored continent has been the goal and dream of many adventurers that are not satisfied with simply imagining how it would feel like to traverse its ice caps and who have made up their minds to enter this wildlife paradise. The Antarctic Continent keeps many hidden surprises for those who visit it. This Fascinating territory contains more than 90% of the earth's land ice, which transforms it into the largest sweet water reserve on earth.

Antarctica has the singularity of being the continent that remained hidden from man during the longest period of time and thus, its first visitors arrived at these virgin frozen lands only two hundred years ago.

Its matchless beauty contrasts with extreme climate conditions, all of which makes it an exotic destination, truly hypnotizing for those few that reach this far away corner of the universe.

Among the main species that make up marine Antarctic fauna are Whales, Elephant Seals, Weddell Seals, Adelie, Chinstrap and Gentoo Penguins, apart from the variety of birds, such as Albatrosses, Petrels and Snowy Sheathbills.

In this enchanting adventure not only will you have the opportunity of coming into contact with animals unique in their species, but will also enjoy the awesome scenery made up by glaciers, mountains and roaming icebergs. An amazing panorama that can only be found in Antarctica.

Crossing the Drake Passsage by airplane in about 3 hours makes this tour unique (versus 2-2 1/2 days on board a ship in the sometimes not so calm sea!).


(subject to change without prior notice)


M/V "Grigoriy Mikheev"

Day 1

Arrival at the city of Punta Arenas where you will be met by the staff, to be later transferred to the selected hotel. During the afternoon, before dinner, you will receive instructions in relation with the norms that should be followed in Antarctica and about the procedures of embarkation and disembarkation. Later, you will enjoy our welcome dinner at the José Nogueira Hotel, a centenary French style mansion, where you will have the chance to meet your expedition mates. PLEASE NOTE: Passengers should arrive at Punta Arenas at 15:00 hours at the latest.

Day 2

Our Antarctic adventure begins. Flight from Punta Arenas to King George Island (South Shetland Islands). The flight takes a little over three hours. Upon arrival we will be able to tour around the area where the "Presidente Eduardo Frei M." Chilean Base and "Bellinghausen" Russian Base are located. We will gather at the beach on Fildes Bay for embarkation, by Zodiac boats, to the M/V "Grigoriy Mikheev" (2009: "Professor Moltanovskiy").

Days 3-6

As we cruise between the South Shetland Islands and the Peninsula, sailing along ice-filled fjords and between spectacular icebergs, we will enjoy the company of sea birds, penguins, seals and whales. Our Journey toward the south may include visits to some of the most magnificient spots in the white continent such as: Livingston Island, Port Lockroy, Petermann Island, Paradise Bay, Cuverville and Deception Islands amongst others. Our adventure will be full, with daily landings and cruises in zodiacs boats, selected lectures and an enjoyable time on board.  

Day 7

Return to King George Island where we will disembark, in Zodiac boats, at Fildes Bay, a Chilean base, and head to the "Teniente Marsh" aerodrome to take the flight back to Punta Arenas . End of program upon arrival at the Airport in Punta Arenas. A transfer to the city will be available for all passengers staying overnight in Punta Arenas.

A zodiac about to disembark

A zodiac about to disembark

Every effort will be made to adhere to the planned program, however it must be realized that with this type of adventurous travel to Antarctica, changes to the itinerary may occur due to severe and unpredictable weather. We need to emphasize the fact that weather conditions are unpredictable and safety is always the paramount concern on any Antarctic voyage.
For this reason we reserve the right to change the itinerary here described due to weather conditions and other factors beyond the tour operator's control without consulting the participants. Any change to the planned itinerary will be made exclusively and absolutely according to the judgment of the Captain of the aircraft or the vessel. It is understood that such decisions will be made in the best interests of all the passengers and with regard to the safety of the vessel and the aircraft.
A tight time-schedule connection with an Antarctic expedition is unwise. For this reason, we strongly suggest that a flexible air ticket be held for your journey home, and in any case not to foresee a flight on the same day that the return flight from Antarctica is foreseen.
In case that departure to or from Antarctica cannot take place due to unfavorable weather conditions either at point of origin and/or destination, the tour operator has established the following Contingency Plan.

The following contingency plan applies on DAY 2 of the Travel Program. From Day 2 to Day 6 every effort will be made to transport passengers to Antarctica taking into consideration their safety and the safety of the aircraft. In case such efforts are not successful, the corresponding daily program will apply:
Day 2:
Guided tour to sites of historic and wildlife interest close to Punta Arenas. Lunch is included. Dinner and lodging at Hotel José Nogueira.
Day 3:
Departure for Puerto Williams (Navarino Island, by the Beagle Channel). Arrival at Lakutaia Hotel for a full day program including: nature walks, guided tours to
historical aboriginal sites and botanical park. Lunch is included. Dinner and lodging at Lakutaia Hotel.
Day 4:
Breakfast at Lakutaia Hotel. Guided horseback riding, sailing to Wulaia (by the Murray Channel), trekking, biking or kayaking according to preferences. Lunch is included. Dinner and lodging at Lakutaia Hotel.
Day 5:
Breakfast at Lakutaia Hotel. Guided horseback riding, sailing to Wulaia (by the Murray Channel), trekking, biking or kayaking according to preferences. Lunch is included. Dinner and lodging at Lakutaia Hotel.
Day 6:
Breakfast at Lakutaia Hotel. Departure for Ushuaia for a full day visit, including tours, meals and time for walking. Flight back to Puerto Williams. Dinner and lodging at Lakutaia Hotel.
Day 7:
Breakfast at Lakutaia Hotel. Flight from Puerto Williams to Punta Arenas on time for connecting flights.

If on Day 6 the tour operator will not be able to transport passengers to Antarctica, he will refund to each passenger 40% of the total cost of the Travel Program. Refunding will take place at the tour operator's earliest convenience and will release the tour operator from any further liability.

In case of a delay on the return flight from Antarctica, those passengers on board the ship will continue cruising to nearby places until return flight is authorized. Full board and all excursions are included. No refunding for whatever reason is foreseen.

Services included

  • Transfer from Punta Arenas airport to the selected hotel
  • One overnight in Punta Arenas at the selected hotel
  • Welcome Dinner at Jose Nogueira Hotel
  • Flight from Punta Arenas to Frei Station on King George Island
  • Cruising for 6 days and 5 nights along the Antarctic Peninsula
  • All meals and beverages on board
  • All guided shore excursions
  • Lectures and entertainment on board
  • Flight from Frei Station on King George Island to Punta Arenas
  • Comprehensive pre- and post-voyage information material
  • Loan of waterproof thermal boots for landing in Antarctica

Services not included

  • Accommodations and meals other than those included in the program
  • Visa and/or Passport expenses
  • Arrival and/or departures taxes
  • Communication expenses
  • Laundry expenses
  • Gratuities (suggested 10.00 USD per day)
  • Personal insurance

Optional Services

  • The above price is for Twin Cabin without private facilities (with wash basin)
  • Twin Cabin with private facilities: 8,700.00 USD
  • Twin Cabin with private facilities 2009: 9,990.00 USD
  • Superior Cabin: 9,900.00 USD
  • Superior Cabin 2009: 11,490.00 USD
  • Suite (from 2009): 12,490.00 USD
  • Rates per person and based on double occupancy. Single occupancy must pay 85% of cabin rate


  • + Only departure
  • Flights scheduled and Antarctic itinerary may vary depending on weather conditions. At the end of the program, a free transfer to the city will be available at the airport for all passengers staying overnight
  • The maximum weight allowed on the flights to and from Antarctica is 15 kg per passenger (from 2009: 20 kg / new aircraft), including hand luggage (Canadian Safety Regulations applicable for these flights). The excess baggage may be left in custody in Punta Arenas
  • We strongly recommend using soft bags NOT hard suitcases
  • We strongly recommend a flexible air ticket in case of delay in Antarctic flights
  • A prepayment of 1,000.00 USD has to be paid directly after reconfirmation. Final payment becomes due 120 days before starting date of the tour.


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Duration: 7 Days

Our programme is currently under review. We ask for your patience ...
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