Tasmania Hiking

Lush forests

Lush forests

Explore the island's nature

This 10 or 19 day tour of Tasmania's top walking spots has guests visit many of Tasmania's stunning national parks and wilderness areas. Visits to a large number of Tasmania's national parks have been included in the tour along with many days spent exploring our World Heritage listed wilderness areas. The flexible nature of this hiking tour means it can be done in either the first 10 or last 10 days of the tour as well as the full 19 day tour.

Photographers rave about it - a certain quality of the light in Tasmania. Craggy mountains loom closer, seas carve out a deeper coastline drama along wild beaches, blue sky has a wider reach.

The island has the cleanest air in the world, so nature's palette shows through without the contamination of urban pollution. And for color, nothing beats Tasmania and it's four distinct seasons.

The contrast between natural beauty on a grand scale and gardens and buildings formed by human hand exists throughout the state. Some of the oldest vegetation on earth, forests of the ancient single super continent of Gondwanaland, flourishes in the Tasmanian World Heritage Area, which has its northern boundary in the Cradle Mountain/Lake St. Clair National Park. The island's landscape is significantly different to the rest of Australia and to the world due to its geological origins. Even its vegetation, dominated by forests of Nothofagus and ancient conifers, is quintessentially Tasmanian.

With over 1,144 named mountains from which to walk, Tasmania is Australia's most mountainous state, similar in size to West Virginia or Switzerland. More than a third of Tasmania is protected with 20 national parks and over 1.38 million hectares of World Heritage Area stretching from Cradle Mountain in the north to South West Cape and the islands beyond.

Renowned for being one of the world's best walking destinations, it has more than 3,000 km of world-class walking tracks, thousands of highland lakes, hundreds of clean beaches and mountain peaks and crags. Spend 19 days exploring some of the best trails and mountain day walks Tasmania has to offer.


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Sunset on the bay

Sunset on the bay

Day 1: Arrive into Hobart

Spend the day exploring Tasmania's capital city and Australia's second oldest city. Take an optional historic guided walking tour of the city; a river cruise; drive up Mt. Wellington and overlook southern Tasmania from 1,270 m; or simply wander the boutiques and coffee shops at your leisure.

Overnight: Motor Inn, Hobart

Day 2: Port Arthur visit and half day walk

Take the bus to historic Port Arthur in Tasmania's south east. Explore the historic site for the morning, and then take an afternoon walk with excellent views to Cape Raoul.

Driving time: 1 hour 15. Distance: approx. 100 km. Walk: 5 hours. Grading: easy-moderate

Overnight: Motor Inn, Port Arthur

Day 3: Day walk to Cape Huay

Starting from the boat ramp at Fortescue Bay, pass through heath and woodlands to steep cliffs with magnificent views of stunning Tasman National Park natural attractions; the Lanterns, Candlestick and Totem Pole; sheer rock stacks plunging to the sea.

Driving time: 20 minutes. Walk: 5-6 hours. Grading: moderate

Overnight: Motor Inn, Port Arthur

Day 4: Day trip and ferry ride to Maria Island NP

Transfer to Orford via Wielangta Forest Drive to catch the ferry across the Mercury Passage to Maria Island. Maria Island is a special place with historic ruins, intriguing history, sweeping bays, rugged cliffs, mountains, and abundant wildlife. Located off the warm east coast of Tasmania, you'll discover an island where there is no traffic, no shops and no worries. Spend day walking to the Fossil Rocks, then up Bishop and Clerk and back to the ferry via the historic township of Darlington. Catch the ferry back to the mainland that afternoon and transfer the last section to Coles Bay.

Driving time: 2 hours first, then 1 hour in the afternoon. Walk: 5-6 hours. Grading: easy-moderate

Overnight: Hotel, Coles Bay

Day 5: Walk to Wineglass Bay and Hazards Circuit

Get an early start to the day for a great day walk over to Wineglass Bay and then follow the Hazards circuit. Jutting out from the sea on Tasmania's mild east coast is the rugged and beautiful Freycinet Peninsula. The Freycinet National Park, reserved in 1916, consists of knuckles of granite mountains, surrounded by azure bays and white sandy beaches. The mountains create a spectacular sight from numerous vantage points along the east coast. If you've any energy left after the Hazards circuit, take an extra walk up Mt. Amos or return to Coles Bay and take an optional twilight seakayak tour to see the area from a different perspective.

Driving time: 5 minutes. Walk: 5 hours (Hazards Circuit), 3 hours (Mt. Amos), 1 hour (Wineglass Bay). Grading: moderate

Overnight: Hotel, Coles Bay

Day 6: Coastal Day Walk

Visit Cape Tourville Lighthouse then take a coastal walk to Friendly Beaches from Bluestone Bay. Look down at Whitewater Wall to see the rock climbers clinging to the sheer granite rock face overlooking the ocean. Walk to Friendly Beaches then meander along a 3 km beach walk. Take a transfer further north to the fishing town of Bicheno.

Driving time: 15 minutes first, then 30 minutes in the afternoon

Walk: 5-6 hours

Grading: moderate

Overnight: Hotel, Bicheno

A tasmanian kangaroo

A tasmanian kangaroo

Day 7: Explore Douglas Apsley National Park

Bicheno is a great place for scuba diving, swimming or surfing, indulge in a water-based activity this morning if you wish. Transfer to Douglas Apsley National Park for a walk and visit the waterhole. At Douglas Apsley see deep river gorges, strewn with dolerite boulders and waterfalls, contrast with dry crackling eucalypt forests and the colourful heathlands of spring. Take a rugged walk through forest and gorge, study rare plants and animals and relax or take a refreshing plunge in the Apsley Waterhole. Continue north via a wildlife park and then transfer to St. Helens.

Driving time: 20 minutes first to Douglas Apsley, then 1 hour in the afternoon. Walk: 3-4 hours. Grading: easy

Overnight: Inn, St. Helens

Day 8: Mt. William NP - Tasmania's best kept secret

From St. Helens, transfer further north via The Gardens and Ansons Bay to Mt. William National Park nestled in the remote and peaceful north-east corner of Tasmania. Mt. William National Park is remarkable for its beauty, wildlife and cultural history with long stretches of dazzling white beaches, shimmering turquoise waters, coastal heath and woodlands that abound with wildlife. There are also a number of sites within the park that are significant to the Aboriginal community. Take the easy 1 hour walk up 216 m high Mt. William followed by some short coastal walks along some of the 36 km of coastline within the NP.

Driving time: almost 1 hour each way on some unsealed roads. Walk: 3-5 hours.  Grading: easy

Overnight: Inn, St. Helens

Day 9: Launceston and short walk to Cataract Gorge

Transfer to Launceston with a stop at Bridestowe Lavender Farm. Check in and spend the day at leisure. We recommend a walk to Cataract Gorge and First Basin from the city centre. Spend the afternoon at leisure.

Driving time: 3 hours. Walk: 1-2 hours. Grading: easy

Overnight: Hotel, Launceston

10 Day tour: Day 10: Departure day

Transfer to airport.

19 Day tour: Day 10: Free day in Launceston

Spend some time exploring Tasmania's second city of Launceston, Australia's third oldest. Renowned for its stunning Georgian and Victoria architecture, this small city has the feel of a big country town. Visit the Inveresk Museum and Art Gallery, take a winery tour of the nearby Tamar Valley, or just go shopping.

Overnight: Hotel, Launceston

Day 11: Explore Cradle Mountain

Take it into the mountains today and arrive at Cradle Mountain/Lake St. Clair National Park. This park forms part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (WHA) declared in 1982 which comprises approximately 20% of Tasmania's land mass and conserves a diverse array of natural and cultural features of global significance. The jagged contours of Cradle Mountain epitomise the feel of a wild landscape, while ancient rainforest and alpine heathlands, buttongrass and stands of colourful deciduous beech provide a range of environments to explore. Take a circuit walk via Crater Lake and Dove Lake.

Driving time: 3 hours. Walk: 3 hours. Grading: easy-moderate

Overnight: Cabins, Cradle Mountain



Day 12: Day walk to Cradle Mountain

A big walk today takes you around the Face Track and if weather permits, to the summit of Cradle Mountain.

Driving time: 20 minutes. Walk: 6-8 hours. Grading: moderate-difficult

Overnight: Cabins, Cradle Mountain

Day 13: Walk to Montezuma Falls and Strahan

Depart Cradle Mountain to head even further west. A short detour takes you to the walking trail to Montezuma Falls. Continue through to Strahan in the early afternoon. Take some time to explore the town, grab a map and take a self-guided tour.

Driving time: 1 hour first, then 1 hour in the afternoon to Strahan. Walk: 2 hours. Grading: easy

Overnight: Hotel, Strahan

Day 14: Free day in Strahan

There's a lot to do in Strahan, try a Gordon River Cruise, take a scenic rail trip, helicopter or plane flight; or even quad bikes or sandboarding on the Henty Dunes. From the hotel, guests can walk a couple of minutes to the harbour where all the activities depart from.

Overnight: Hotel, Strahan

Day 15: Lake St. Clair and full day walk to Mt. Rufus

Transfer to central highlands district to Lake St. Clair at the southern end of the Cradle Mt./Lake St. Clair National Park. The circuit walk to Shadow Lake and the summit of Mt. Rufus also includes alpine lakes, wind sculptured sandstone formations, extensive views across to the headwaters of the Franklin River, and the opportunity to walk through alpine meadows and sub-alpine pandani communities. In clear weather the summit (1,416 m) offers grand views of Frenchman's Cap and Mt. Gell to the west, and the King William Range to the south.

Driving time: 2 hours. Walk: 6-7 hours. Grading: moderate-difficult

Overnight: Cabins, Lake St. Clair

Day 16: Mt. Field National Park

Further south is the Mt. Field National Park, one of Tasmania's oldest national parks proclaimed in 1916. Few other national parks in Australia offer such diversity in vegetation, ranging from tall swamp gum forests and massive tree ferns at the base of the mountain, through to rainforest along the Lake Dobson Road and alpine vegetation at the higher elevations. Visit Russell Falls after your walk for a view of one of Tasmania's most spectacular and accessible waterfalls. From Lake Dobson take a walk up Mt. Field East via Lake Nicholls.

Driving time: 2 hours. Walk: 5-7 hours. Grading: moderate-difficult

Overnight: Cottages, Mt. Field

Lots of sheep

Lots of sheep

Day 17: Hartz Mountains and Tahune Airwalk

This morning drive south to the Hartz Mountains National Park, part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and a window into the southwest wilderness. On clear days the views from the walking trails extend to the southern coast, taking in the remote mountain ranges that are part of this area. Tumbling waterfalls, small glacial lakes and a wide variety of vegetation are just some of the features of the park. Take a steep walk up to Hartz Peak if weather permits go all the way to the summit. This afternoon visit the Tahune Airwalk and take the treetops walk and even try cable hang gliding here.

Driving time: 2 hours. Walk: 5 hours. Grading: easy-moderate

Overnight: Cottages/Guest House, Dover

Day 18: Cockle Creek

Take a full day walk from Cockle Creek to South Cape Bay and return. Cockle Creek is a place of tranquil coves and sandy beaches. Distant mountain peaks, sometimes capped with snow, make a spectacular backdrop to the calm waters of Recherche Bay. It is here that tannin-rich streams meet the ocean, ending their meandering journey through buttongrass plains. Cockle Creek is also the entry point to the half a million hectares of wilderness known as Southwest National Park, part of Tasmania's Wilderness World Heritage Area. Return to Hobart tonight.

Driving time: 1 hour, then 2 hours to get back to Hobart. Walk: 4-5 hours. Grading: moderate

Overnight: Motor Inn, Hobart

Day 19: Free day in Hobart - Departure Day

Today you can choose to spend some time seeing what you missed when you first arrived. If you've seen it all, visit Mt. Wellington and take one of the many walks on the face of the mountain.

Services included

  • Included in 10 Days tour:
  • 9 Nights accommodation
  • 2-3 Star motels (twin/double/triple rooms with private facilities
  • Breakfast daily
  • Airport transfer (only 1 transfer/day for arrival and departure)
  • Driving guide
  • 12 Seater van with luggage trailer
  • Maps and trip notes
  • Certificate of insurance including repatriation if required, on financial failure of the tour organizer

  • Included in 19 Days tour:
  • 18 Nights accommodation
  • 2-3 Star motels (twin/double/triple rooms with private facilities)
  • Breakfast daily
  • Airport transfer (only 1 transfer/day for arrival and departure)
  • Driving guide
  • 12 Seater van with luggage trailer
  • Maps and trip notes

Optional Services

  • Price for 10 Day tour: 2,580.00 AUD
  • Surcharge for single room 10 days: 700.00 AUD
  • Surcharge for single room 19 days: 1,395.00 AUD


  • If certain accomodations are not available, an alternative one of the same category will be booked
  • Visa necessary
  • No special vaccinations necessary
  • A prepayment of 25% has to be paid directly after reconfirmation. Final payment becomes due 42 days before starting date of the tour.


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