Mountain Bike and Cycling

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Travels for Mountain Bike and Cycling

New Zealand By Bike (14 days)
Discover the South Island

New Zealand - Paradise Plus (19 days)
Road Cycle Tour from Christchurch to Auckland

Southern Off-Road Adventure (15 days)
South Island Mountain Bike Tour

Tasmania East-West Biking (13 days)
The diversity of the island's landscape

East Coast Biking Tour (7 days)
Discover Tasmania's nature by bike

West Coast Biking Tour (7 days)
Discover Tasmania's "Wild West"

Tasmania East-West Cycle Experience (13 days)
Highlights of the green island

Ultimate British Columbia (13 days)
Mountain Biking Holidays in Western Canada

Rocky Mountain Singletrack (8 days)
Mountain Biking in British Columbia

Amazing Andes (12 days)
Cross-Country biking in the Cordillera Blanca

Chile Cross Country Biking (9 days)
Sand , surf and singletrack

Inca Trail (11 days)
Cross-country biking in Peru

Multi Activity Adventure (8 days)
Ireland's best hiking, biking, horse-riding, sea-kayaking and canoeing

Rodopi Mountains Road Cycling Tour (8 days)
Experience Bulgaria's culture and nature by bike

Vietnam Mountain Biking (14 days)
Mountains and beaches plus culture

Vietnam Mountain Biking 9 Days (9 days)
A biking tour in small groups

Nepal Mountain Biking (14 days)
Round trip from Kathmandu to the bottom of the Himalayas

South Africa - Wild Coast (6 days)
Hiking and biking trails